making places that touch the human spirit

Elizabeth Staggs-Lopez 

Controller | Finance Manager

Elizabeth manages our internal business activities, oversees the organization's daily accounting operations, including the accounting, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable, and company's strategic financial decisions.

RSI Ventures

We are working closely with Jesse Fruman of RSI Ventures to establish investment and equity relationships.  Jesse is working along side Aria Touch on development strategy and Financial Assessment of projects. ​​

Our business vision has always been guided by our belief in making places that touch the human spirit and a group of professionals who want to positively contribute to the built environment. Architecture has been a motivator, but we are an interdisciplinary collection of diverse professionals including designers, analysts, brokers and builders. We actively engage our peers and challenge our practice by teaching and lecturing. We pursue our own work in a practice where the definition of value is centered on making value and touching people.

Christopher Staggs AIA,LEED AP

Founder | Development Director 

Christopher  leads the company activities and works with everyone at AriaTouch to advance our development opportunities, execute on our pipeline of projects, manage important relationships, and ensure fulfillment of the vision and objectives of our investments. 

Ji Ye Song

Project Manager | Architect

Ji Ye is working with our team on development and management of projects.  She is currently working on Portland projects.  

Strategic Partners

Willamette Equities, Inc.

Nick Veroske, President is a local Portland property investor and owner and is working with Aria Touch on developments in the Portland Metro, providing capital and strategic development advisory.

Daniel Spear

Local to Portland, Daniel is working with Aria Touch on investment, acquisitions, and development strategy.

Real Estate Advisor/Financial Analyst


Judith Del Rosario

Investment Partner

Judith supports AriaTouch with a  civil engineering background, and participates with direct investments in select developments.


Alera Management

Craig Sayers and the Alera investment group is working with Aria Touch on developments in the Portland Metro, providing capital and strategic development advisory.